Friday, March 8, 2013

Protecting Yourself Against Criminals Based On Real Life Identity Theft Stories

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By Erna Gutierrez

People are aware the many real life identity theft stories are told in televisions every now and then. The said stories can affect those people who are afraid of experiencing the same fate as others. Learn more about how to help yourself and how these stories are made possible.

The act of stealing the identity of one person without the knowledge of the other is simply called identity theft. In this situation, the criminal will run away leaving a ruined credit and a lot debts before the victim finds out about what happened. Unfortunately, some victims are even arrested by mistake.

The rise of the crime rate has soared high over the past few years and it has given people nightmares. Using the information that they stole from you, it will be easier for them to obtain your license, accounts in banks and buy whatever they want using your money. Most of the time, the billing statement are addressed to the thief and before you know it, you are wrapped in debt. The recovery in this type of case may take longer than expected.

In the present time wherein a lot of transactions are done online, nearly everyone can be a victim of identity theft. There is no need to worry though because authorities have posted instruction for your safety in this aspect. Try to read and remember them for your own benefit.

Protect yourself and your assets by avoiding sharing your personal information to random personalities. Sometimes, they will pretend to be company officials and will ask for details about you. If this will happen to you, talk to them politely and turn down their offer or service. Before you do so, you can ask their real names so that you can confirm their illegibility.

Furthermore, secure your passwords on all the accounts that you own. In doing that, you will feel secured that no one else can easily steal your assets. Bring your security card with you only when you need to handle transactions. However, if you do not need it just put it somewhere safe in your house. Always keep your security card number to yourself and never inform others about it. In case someone is going to request for it, be it a bank or any other company, you just have to make clarifications before you show it to them.

You should not put personal information on websites because it is a very risky move on your part. If you have files where your personal data are printed, you need to destroy them with the use of a shredder. These files can be billing statements, junk mail and solicitations from credit cards.

Protecting the assets that you own can be done by following the steps on top. However, it would be more effective if you stay vigilant and watchful of the billing statements that you receive. If the postman fails to send it to your house once, you must check if it was sent by the credit card company.

Professionals that concentrated on real life identity theft stories think that you have to review credit reports from time to time. In addition to that, you have to remember the things that you learned above. Stay watchful and be ready for anything that comes your way.

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