Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Read Books On Identity Theft

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By Kristen Waller

Most will think that as long as one is not doing something wrong, he is generally safe from any charges. However, crimes are being done in complicated ways these days. An individual can be accused of something he did not commit. Modern technology has made use of fake identities for crimes possible. Hence, books on identity theft can be of much value these days.

Most common stealing targets are financial accounts. Financial information can be found in transactions papers containing account numbers. When acquired, this could be hacked. Password stealing will give another person illegal access to an account. Criminals may even enjoy free shopping using an account made under another name. Charges will be suffered by real owners.

SSNs are next to the list of commonly stolen information. Most transactions, specially opening of bank accounts, will require them. These numbers can be acquired to create new accounts. These accounts may be used to hide identities of people doing any malicious transaction. He will not get caught by using another name. Some illegal aliens will use these SSNs also. When one is applying for jobs, SSNs are important requirements as taxes are charged through that. Illegal aliens pass another SSN since they certainly could not acquire it. The real person having that number will receive the additional taxes from the IRS for incomes he does not receive.

Medical insurance coverage information are also stolen. Through stealing insurance information, a person can have his medical bills covered using another insurance. This will result to denial of that procedure to the real owner since it was covered already and could affect his coverage significantly.

License of drivers are also commonly stolen. This is due to the book put out by the DMV which details the specs of all drivers licenses throughout all states. Information can be downloaded into another license making it just as real as the real owner. This poses a great issue when one is charged for a driving offense done by another carrying the fake license.

However, driving charges are little compared to being charge with more serious crimes. Notorious criminals could use these driving licenses to create false identities. They use their own photos together with these fake licenses and show it when charged for something. Further investigations will require the real owner to show up and answer to their crimes.

Hard copies of records should be kept secure. Once a transaction is done, papers containing such information should be shredded. Lost IDs require immediate reporting to concerned agency. Before changing address, offices having your sensitive information need to be informed. Passwords should be kept private.

Stealing of personal records and information is very popular on the Internet. Through it, transactions can be faked. Dangers from hackers who may sell protected information is another crime. However, Internet transactions are required these days. To protect from information stealing, one must check authenticity of sites first before having any transaction. Phishing is commonly done and is the most popular way of getting passwords and information. Go for sites which offer encryption of information to protect it from being stolen.

Books on identity theft greatly help one in increasing his protection from different types of information theft. These days, methods being used by criminals are always evolving. Getting armed and updated with knowledge will offer the best protection.

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