Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Connecting to the cycle of prosperity

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By Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn

For forty years as the Israelites crossed the desert in search of the promised land, they developed the concept of prayer, charity, and love for the stranger.

Let me share a simple truth that I expose in my book Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! How could a group of slaves have acquired such a sophisticated society?

The answer is, by partnering with God.

God wants to partner with us so that we can establish his kingdom here on earth. Have you heard of the universal principal of receiving? This principal is simply that in order to receive, you have to share. According to the Jewish tradition, an act of charity has the ability to change even a negative heavenly decree. Charity is not just meant to improve the world and those around you. It may surprise you to learn that it mostly serves to improve ourselves.

This is a huge secret of how the Jews have created a hedge against chaos in their partnership with God. Sharing creates room in your life for great things to come in. Giving creates an endless circuit. You earn, you give, and then you earn more.

There is a clear and powerful way to protect the wealth you have, and bring even more wealth into your life. It's called tithing. Tithing means giving away 10 to 20 percent of your net earnings. The Jewish people have been practicing tithing since Biblical times. When we give away at least 10 percent of everything that we earn, in essence we perform an act of purification, cleansing all of the negative energy that our money carries. We remove just a small portion - the 10 percent of the earnings that represent and will create obstacles and challenges in our lives.

Then by donating these funds to charities, to scholarships, to religious organizations, or to some anonymous stranger in need, we transform our earnings into elevated levels of spiritual energy, allowing us to emulate God in the creation of a better world. Only when we do this is the remaining 90 percent of our wealth infused with true blessings, completing the circuit so that we can go out and earn again.

Once you begin the process of giving, you will no longer will waste your money. Through tithing, The Lord permits us to redeem our good fortune and continue increasing into prosperity. Tithing actually creates a realm in which your wealth is protected.

Surely, by entering the cycle of sharing you are giving an injection of power to your soul, and creating the road of financial independence ahead of you with kindness.

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