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The End Of The World Has Been Talked About Since Almost The Beginning Of Time

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By Alan Albrecht

Ancient Mayans come back to life in the news a lot over the last 12 months. People have been wondering when life on earth would stop. They figured that Mayan calendar ending last December meant other catastrophes would happen that would destroy all life on earth. The end of the world has been a concern for some time and presents itself in many science fiction novels as the the main event in a story. These kind of events have obviously certainly not occurred, but there are lots of who believe this will happen. Sooner or later, these people say, we may have to learn to survive in the post apocalyptic reality.

The apocalypse was brought up in the Bible. Revelations told in ugly detail of the horror which awaited certain groups of people. Not a soul was advised when this kind of event may happen. A lot of people have been searching for signs associated with world ending since those ancient times.

Many stories of fiction were wrote to express how the author thought the end would happen. So many books have been produced on this topic that it is now a sub genre of science fiction. These literary works often describe disasters that await mankind if people do not change his or her ways.

Unlike the story by John in Revelations where God returns to earth to cast sinners into the hot fires of hell. The other stories give many reasons for the demise of the world. A favorite method of destruction authors liked to write about during the second half of the twentieth century has been nuclear holocausts.

A well known works associated with fiction was the War of the Worlds written by H. G. Wells. An actor named Orson Welles narrated this story over the radio during 1938. This caused a significant amount of panic since radio listeners since they believed that Martians had attacked the earth. There had been multiple reports in newspapers of individuals fleeing their residences and towns to avoid the aliens.

Government officials were not pleased with what was happening on the streets. They sent law enforcement over to CBS to halt the broadcast. Arriving after the story was finished, the authorities grabbed the scripts the actor utilized in an attempt to of avoid anyone reproducing the broadcast. Some people decided to sue CBS simply because they felt so much anguish thinking they were about to be killed by Martians.

The story was repeated numerous times later by other radio stations. However, people were well informed that the airing was remake of the classic 1938 airing. The airings were popular during Halloween in some countries.

People like to hear scary tales. Many of these tales concern the end of the world and precisely how life is going to be after the majority of everything is actually destroyed. The future will let people know if anyone is actually right with what will transpire and how a events will unfold. Until that time, people will only have to wonder how the demise of humans will occur.

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