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The Top Five Characters A Psychological Thriller Book Has That Authors Often Include

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By Shirley Roberts

A writing style that is commonly associated with detective fiction and Gothic literature is called thriller. This is a genre in literature that has to do with the psychological and mental states of the men and women in these stories. Generally, it has a lot of drama, horror, mystery, action, and elements of surrealism.

This genre of literature usually focuses on the reality, humanity and identity of the people. It will also talk about existential beliefs and the meaning of life. When fabricating such stories, authors usually have at least top five characters to use in a psychological thriller book to draw the readers in.

Having a set of solid people to play the different roles in a novel is detrimental to it being a good and fascinating read. Without them, there would be no story in the first place and nothing that readers can relate to. When paired with a substantial plot and excellent story telling skills, an outstanding thriller novella is produced.

The main protagonist is generally the main character in most thrillers and is the person that is focused on the most. Since these types of stories usually centers around crime and the law, protagonists will usually have the role of a police officer, an investigator, or a reporter. Other authors will turn this rule around and make it the victim of the antagonist instead who is struggling to overcome their situation.

These people will then have a list of supporting characters that help create situations and experiences that shape their personality and lifestyle. Family members, friends, and colleagues are some examples, but the use of a side kick and partner in crime can also be applied. These people are usually given secondary roles and their lives are not discussed too much in the novel.

Aside from the protagonist, the antagonist is also very important and this is the person that will bring variety and garner interest from the reader. This is because they are the source of conflict and chaos and without them there would be nothing to tell in the first place. In most of these books, the villain is usually the murderer, a rogue law enforcer, and other usual antagonist tropes.

Just like the protagonist, antagonists will also have people that surround them to explain the way they act and feel. They can also have family members and close friends that are a reflection of their personality and what kind of disposition they have. Aside from that, minions or henchmen are also popular choices for their companions.

Love interests are even thrown into the whole mix sometimes to help further the plot in a story. Sometimes the lovers in the book are also a main character, and play a key role in the whole mystery. However, there are also instances where the author just wants to create a role wherein readers can relate to in their personal lives.

To sum it all up, without these people a good thriller novella would not be complete. They are essential because they help fabricate an interesting read that will captivate the attention of the readers. When in the process of writing any type of fiction, the author should always contemplate on making the best characters to fit their work.

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