Thursday, November 16, 2017

How To Write A True Crime Novel Like A Pro

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By Martha Burns

Among other novels, writing of a real crime novel has gained popularity in the whole continent. They are the most exciting reading materials everyone will want to have on their free time and as something to drive out stressful conditions. Thus, whenever you think of writing such novels, it is always good to remain on the subject of the read and be creative enough to provide something that will grab the attention of the book lovers. The following are simple guidelines for writing a true crime novel.

Criminality stories can be separated into fiction, half-fiction or a non-fiction story. Mostly, non-fiction stories will involve writings about people who ever existed as well as their occurrence and settings. On the other hand, you may decide to write fictions which comprise of stories about something or individuals who have no proof of existence. Moreover, there is no full definition of how and when the crime happened under half- fictions and fiction novels.

After determining the type of story you want to write, gather information about everything you are going to include in the story. Thus, one must find effective methods to gather data. However, it must focus on criminal issues to ensure that you stick to the same topics. Primary and secondary sources of information can be helpful in your search. Also, ensure that you get popular and essential data.

From there, a professional author should want to verify the truth about the data collected. This can be done through a sound research. As readers will check if they are reading the correct stories and purchasing legalized novels, it is equally essential for you to ensure that whatever is put in writing is original information.

Before you go ahead printing the actual novel, it is imperative first to have a written draft of the data that you have collected. To make this simpler, you may write down all the details of the research on a notebook or a journal as you continue with your study. It enables one to identify missing information and replace them before producing the book.

Most authors fail when it comes to choosing themes. They collect good data but forget to connect the subject of the writings to the main story. Thus, sometimes a reader will be confused on what the writer was expressing at the end of the novel. Include at least one or two essential themes to guide readers.

Titles are crucial in every story. Do not miss providing headings. They define your content and stories. However, do not just put a title for the sake of writing. Good titles must show what is in the novel and motivate. Hence, find a heading that suits your content. If you are not good in this, you better ask other proficient authors who can offer you a better title.

Write down the plot of the novel before writing the real script. It has to be in chronological order. It directs readers from one chapter to another. Moreover, if you are writing non-fiction, the name of the characters involved in the offense should be real, and then you can edit and produce your crime write-up.

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