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The Mobster Crime Novel And How It Works

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By Deborah Anderson

What many people like in books is often related to genre. And there are lots of these available and new ones crop up every year, although the major ones have all been defined and what is new could be innovative mash ups or combinations of the old. Novels that are about detectives and criminals are a mixture of the classic and the new.

Mafiosi or people connected to the Italian Mafia have made for fascinating reading, but they are only a part of a general classification which will include any kind of organized criminal activity central to the theme of a book. The Mobster Crime Novel thus could include all sorts of groups. But the classic sense of the term is certainly about La Cosa Nostra, which is derived from Sicilian origins.

You may see the topic as something that had its day decades ago. The numerous books that were written were made into films or TV series, about the gangsters, their molls, crime operations, fights between authorities and between each other. The topic is certainly rife with dramatic potential and the tonalities could include the darker side of tragedy.

Crime is not a thing that many folks willingly go into, and lots of mobsters could actually be trying to find a way out. But for most it is not about liking the life, but accepting the circumstances and the needed sacrifice that are needed with some wit or even humor. Portrayals are always connected to a life full of violence, loss and pain.

They say criminals will pay but there could be a factor which mitigates this, when the persons involved act as Robin Hoods, fighting or stealing from the rich to help poor people. Some gangsters even have this kind of belief, because many may have joined to fight against oppression, injustice and a hated political system. They may even have been founded for protecting their own.

The laws will of course be against them but African Americans or Sicilians often say that their groups are fighting and oppressive, unjust system. It will mean their fighting to have better laws, and have them treat everyone equally, getting the ruling group to share power or to step down from laws made by prejudice. Racism, prejudice and discrimination are certainly things that could motivate crime.

A book which covers their activities and their philosophies and dreams will need to be well researched. Some authors themselves may have come from these groups originally but are now focusing on telling the world the inner spirit which has driven these movements. And these are real movements with relevant causes, too.

Oppression will breed a reaction, and even when the law labels this reaction criminal, it might not be necessarily so in many important respects. The mentioned points are also the points that make the novel type being discussed here successful. They may not directly espouse philosophies but make it inherent in the quality of lives of their characters reflecting known realities.

The points that make the novel in question unique will be about men who have accepted the life of crime despite the danger. These could be ordinary folks, perhaps sympathetic and even very intelligent. The way many seek a book like this is often relevant to how they sympathize with one cause or another.

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