Monday, June 18, 2018

Usage Of Maneuver Warfare By Firms

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By Thomas Sullivan

Military strategies used in the past can be brought into an organization to serve the same purpose when applied in the ordinary life, particularly in business settings. One of the most used strategies is maneuver warfare. This has its origin in the world war one where the effort was concentrated on decapitating the opponent instead of engaging in a physical fight. When applied in a business setting, it can be used in a number of ways where the intention is to have a bigger control of the market than the competitors.

The first technique that can be implemented is the use of pricing that is lower or accommodating. Many organizations fail to understand that consumers are different and especially when it comes to affordability. They place rates which are too high which discourages them from making purchases. Introduce price discounts or generally lower them to a level that will gain profit while still enticing the customers.

Beat the opponent through the timing of sales. Majority of firms in a business world tend to move with the seasons, and thus they do not have the products during some seasons, and this can be turned into an opportunity where you supply the market during that time when they are not in business. It becomes hard for them to reclaim them when they restock.

Another technique to use is advertising the products and services through those channels that the opponents do ignore. At times there will be those platforms that the other players will ignore without knowledge of their profitability. Immediately this is realized the organization should swing into action and use the forums to get to the customers which will make them shift their attention to the business.

Introduce a packaging system that gets to satisfy the buyers more than how they are serviced by the other players in this market. Every organization strives to make substantial profits, but in the middle of all this ignore this aspect, and it ends up turning the purchasers away. Once a firm realizes this gap, it can develop it to fit the specifications of this market.

Quality is among the most basic ways through which competition is carried out. Purchasers will be on the look for high quality and specifically ISO standards, if it is not found in the other players in a market, introduce them in the organization to attract those that are after that level of standards. Keep it at a higher level than them to ensure that your business gets a higher preference.

Moreover, use after sales services and free gifts to entice buyers. The obsession with making profits blocks businesses from maintaining customers. Attract purchasers by reducing the costs upon purchases by giving them those after sales services when they do not receive them from the opponents. Additionally, attach some value gifts regularly as a marketing method.

Lastly, integrate the launching of new products and brands. Putting the load on one side, that majority of firms do results in a failure of a process. Change this and incorporate every part of the company into the system and better results will be achieved. This applies to the core principles of the system that are focus and softness. A combined team is likely to move fast than one which is divided.

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