Thursday, December 6, 2018

Suspense To A Romantic Resolution

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By Peter Fisher

Fiction is based on the writers imagination, which means that there is no such things as impossible. The story could stray away from reality yet even so it does not make it less interesting to read, but the other way around. Books about suspenseful romance, most of the fictional books that focuses around this genre, usually have this denouement that after two main characters went on a difficult and dangerous quest together, they slowly develop feelings along the way.

Reading as most would say is a dying art, due to all these social influences, and technological advancement, most no longer have the time or simply will not make any more time to read and indulge on a good story or diverse imaginative adventures.

With every value that you learn from reading, you become a person who believes that above all life and happiness is what matters most. You have to learn to stop looking at other peoples lives, you have to focus on your own goals and dreams.

Do you know a fun fact about the people back in the days where there was no social media, no gadgets of sorts. People were satisfied with their lives, they work and for leisure and enjoyment they read books, which made them in to creative individuals. And do you know that most of them were satisfied with what they have and what they have become.

The reason behind these satisfaction, is simple, they make time, not to look at other peoples lives but to focus on their life. Focus on the things that matters to them, focus on their own goals and just be happy of what others have achieved.

What is the first step to being satisfied, the answer to that is make time for yourself, try reading a book, and you might fight it interesting, even addicting, in a good way. In every story there is a moral to be learned, and in every moral that you learned, you get to become kinder, having that better grasp and understanding towards life and the people that surround you.

You get to become someone with diverse understanding in both art and reality. A good book can even take you to places you have never been, even greater than the Eifel tower in Paris, or the statue of Liberty in New York harbour, or much more grand than the cherry blossoms in Japan. Your mind is complex beyond understanding and you can visualize interpret what you have read in fascinating ways.

The key to being able to properly digest a good book is to be in a place where you are most comfortable away from the noisy everyday environment in the city. You can read a book in your quiet room or under the tree in your back yard.

There nothing wrong with escaping your problems for a while, and it is not like you are running away from it, you are just channelling all that anger into something creative and when you have calm down face your problems head on, and who knows maybe you could find some of the things that you need to know in reading a book.

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