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Ways Of Handling Raw Emotions

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By Kathleen Myers

Life is a journey with many ups and downs. There is no doubt that many of us have had to deal difficult situations at one time or the other. In some cases, the emotions are so overwhelming and one may feel that they are being driven to the edge. When raw emotions are triggered, they have the potential to lead to self destruction and severe relationships with the people we love the most. It is important for everyone to learn how to regain control over themselves whenever they find themselves in such situations.

Emotional flooding is a term that is commonly used by psychologists. This term attempts to describe a situation in which one is bombarded by deep emotions and thoughts suddenly just like a flood. There is usually a single predominating feeling in the midst of all this. Such may be depression, hatred, sadness or anxiety. Commonly, the predominant emotion may change over time depending on the prevailing circumstances.

The triggers of deep emotions are varied. They include, for instance, the recalling of past events, the thought or present stressors and worrying about a difficult future. When one gets lost in these thoughts, they recreate traumatic experiences over and over a situation that only makes things worse. One needs to learn how to adapt on how to deflect such negative thoughts.

Controlled behaviour is arguably the most accessible tool that one can use when dealing with unpleasant emotions. Deep belly breathing has been shown to help with relaxation and minimization of psychological stress. The benefits of this kind of breathing come in small incremental steps. However, it is important to note that emotional flooding may recur thus its important to continue practising deep breathing on a regular basis.

Even as you look for ways of dealing with these feelings, it is important that you take steps in understanding them. In most cases, there is a lot of confusion when emotional flooding occurs. There is a need to firstly, acknowledge the presence of the feelings and, secondly, to be willing to make some changes. Failure to do this often results in what is referred to as a closed emotional loop that makes things worse.

Social support plays an important role in the coping process. Most people do not talk about their struggles until when things appear to be getting out of hand. A strong social support system will help to keep you in check if you appear to be heading in the wrong direction. Some of the potential sources of help include close friends, relatives, colleagues and religious leaders among others.

It is important to take a step back. This will allow you to take stock of your emotions and plan on the best way to respond. This means that you literally have to set aside some time to think about your feelings. It is not easy to make major decisions with so many other things playing out in the background. You will be surprised to discover that some cases are just an overreaction that was not warranted.

Handling deep emotions is not always easy. Very deep thoughts and feelings often isolate us from everyone else which makes it even more difficult to handle them. The first step when one finds themselves in such a situation is to understand the type of emotion that they are faced with. This will then inform their next course of action. Sharing your feelings with those who matter makes everything a lot easier.

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