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The Legend And Secret Of The Holy Grail

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By Raymond Morris

When it comes to chalices, most often these drinking goblets are used during communion rites, rituals and weddings. Whereas, the most famous chalice is believed to have been the cup Jesus used during the last supper. While this is the case, the secret of the holy grail also known as a sacred chalice has been disputed for centuries.

There are also a number of other myths and legends associated with the cup. For example, there are stories of ties to the Germanic people, Atlantis and Hitler. When it comes to Germany, some believe it to be a sacred symbol which relates to the Nazi invasion and what some believe to be a superior race.

There may be new and different legends forming based on recently discovered research, relics and findings. Currently, authors, scientists and theologians agree that the grail is most likely one of two objects, either the original gospel penned by Christ, or the goblet which held the blood as provided in a number of related videos on YouTube. Regardless, the grail has been missing for over 7 centuries. As such, finding the actual artifact will continue to prove a difficult task.

Whether a cup with the DNA of Christ, or an ancient document, the object has yet to be found. As such, it appears that at least for the time being, it will remain a legend and mystery in the future. While this is the case, it is interesting to note the different interpretations so many have had with regards to the holy object.

Many films, movies and podcasts have focused on this ancient and missing relic. In fact, the purest history dates back to the time of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. For, King Arthur and the knights met at a round table which held an opening in the center for a chalice. Whereas, it is believed Jesus sat at a similar table with the disciples.

It is also believed that the last Supper took place at a second round table, not a rectangle table as shown in a number of paintings which depict the last supper. An interesting note is that there were 12 knights in the King Arthur legend and 12 disciples in the stories of Jesus. Whereas, there are also aspects related to purity and the priesthood in both legends.

When it comes to King Arthur, one of the most common analogies of the chalice is that of a princess. In some cases, the knights loved to play with others by having the princess come in with a green cloth, then asking if a specific knight could see the grail. After which, all the knight sees is a princess and cloth. After which, the knights break out in laughter. For, the princess was the daughter of the wounded Fisher King, a Holy Hermit and the womb of the princess, the holy grail.

In other legends, the knights of the round table were there to protect the princess. While, Eunuchs whom were often high priests whom had been castrated were often considered the most pure and virginal of all the knights. In the New Testament Bible book of Matthew 19:11/12, it is documented that Jesus also asked the disciples which, if any, would agree to undergo castration and become caretaker of the holy grail.

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