Monday, January 28, 2013

Strategies For Running A Successful Paleo Recipe Website

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By Charlie Skinne

It seems there is a lack of common sense People want to sell you a fad over proven ideas. Here are some common sense propositions on operating your paleo recipe website.

Have a pro edit the content of your web pages. If you chose to write the content of your paleo recipe website yourself or you feel it was written in mediocre English, let a professional edit it because the content is your business.

Team up with other paleo recipe website operators in a similar niche as your own. By creating a network of paleo recipe websites that offer similar things, you can grow your web presence and everyone should benefit. Link to each other's paleo recipe websites for a boost in your search rankings.

Constantly update content on your site. If you visit a paleo recipe website and on each visit, there is nothing new, you easily get turned off. The various search engines thrive on new content so don't hesitate to update the content of your web pages.

The positioning of a navigation bar is also key. Many sites try different places on a webpage but in my time I've found that the most successful is either horizontally across the top of the web page, or alternatively you could have it down the right hand side of the page, either of these works well.

Get an accountant. This is especially if you are not good in filling tax papers and invoices. It will help you to concentrate more on growing your business but then, get a trustworthy accountant and every now and then, find out all you should about your money.

Strip your site down to its most vital components. Clutter can turn visitors off quickly and make you site hard to navigate. Decide what elements are most important and pull away the rest of the noise.

Use tabs to condense a large amount of information into a smaller space. Each tab will have a header that can be clicked on to reveal more content. This is a great way to organize content in a user friendly manner.

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