Thursday, January 31, 2013

What To Know About Government Corruption

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By Elisabeth Burt

Government corruption in America can be described as the unlawful use of political authority for personal gain. Many other countries have this political problem and not just the States. There are some officials who misuse or abuse their authority and use this to take advantage. Various forms of corruption take place in different places nowadays.

Bribery for one is one of the most common acts that some officials are guilty act. This involves giving money or gifts that may influence the recipient's behavior or conduct. Bribery is usually done to cover up malicious acts. Witnesses or court officials are bribed by those who are in office to prevent a scandal or any untoward act from going public.

Extortion is another act commonly done by some officials. This is also known as blackmail wherein officials may take properties, services, or money from a person or other entity by coercing them. This is a serious criminal offense that simply cannot be ignored. Politicians may make violent threats to parties involved who may not have the same status or authority as them.

Graft is also an act that some politicians are guilty of. In this situation, they may use their political powers for the purpose of gaining something for themselves. There are officials who give donations to get political favors. Using funds that are of the state is also part of this category. It is indeed frustrating to know that this exists today.

There are various acts that are ethically and morally wrong which officials often commit. However, with the position they hold and the connections they have, it can be so hard to stop them. Some may be doing steps to put a stop to this but others have also watched these acts just happen. This is a concern that requires the attention of those who are in the right position.

If this problem is left to continue, other problems could arise. This could result to a crime enterprise which will only bring further problems to the system. Crimes that may take place include drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking. Many other issues can also occur because of what politicians may have committed in the first place.

Seeing these things around them, people would feel disappointed and lose their trust. This will make the public doubt the credibility of government officials and the system in general. People are counting on these officials to do the right thing that would be beneficial to everyone. Officials are supposedly there to serve the people and not abuse them.

Many are concerned and interested to know more about these malicious acts. These are all over the news, the local paper, and even online. A number of sites are up online discussing controversies and anomalies that involve public officials. People have joined and discussed these matters. It is easy to see how much this is affecting people.

Many people have become witnesses or victims of government corruption in America. This cannot be hidden completely from the public. Somehow these would find ways to be revealed for others to know. Nobody can ever tell when all these would stop or how this can be stopped. Those honest officials can do something about this and people must be wise in choosing officials.

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