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Lowcountry Womens Fiction Author For People Who Love The Outside World And Writing

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By Debra Nelson

Writing is not always about sitting behind a desk and typing on a laptop. Sometimes writers go outside their offices and homes to explore the world and write about it, one of this genre is Lowcountry womens fiction author. Example of writers and writers specializing in this genre includes Jonathan White, Catherine Marshall and Ben Groundwater, they are book authors, journalists/travel writer, and columnist respectively.

Usually, these writers take trips to places offering recreational activities like camping, kayaking, biking, scuba diving, hiking, hunting, and etcetera. While others use these experiences to write books like The Science and Spirit of the Ocean by Jonathan White, the majority write articles to sell to travel magazines, websites, newspapers, and outdoor trade magazines.

They can write almost about anything related to the outside world. For example, if the visit Two Harbors, they can write about the great view the place has. Which equipment is and is not available for hire, what activities are the most enjoyable and the type of fish and flora you will see when you get there. Also, they can give an estimate of how much the trip will cost you overall.

One advantage of this writing genre is that once an article is written, the same information can be sold to several people at a time. However, the writer should make it meet the individual needs of each buyer while making each article unique. One way of achieving this is to make rewrites of one article, use different pictures and follow the guidelines of the buyer while rewriting the article. So, with one trip, several articles can be written and sold to different people.

There are times where travel writers are at risk of having a financial loss. During these times they would see that they actually spent more than they should have had when they were on their trip. The money they gain from the articles they wrote will be less than the money they spent to find enough information to write those articles. Or perhaps, the book they wrote is not making enough sales to cover the money they spent writing it. This is one major disadvantage of this writing genre.

These writers don t really have time to enjoy their stay at a beach or a restaurant, this type of traveling changes from being for leisure to being a work travel. Taking notes, interviewing local people and taking pictures is what travel writers spend their time doing on these tours. Unlike people who travel for fun and to relax, outdoor writers have to be very observant while touring, they must look for things that make the places to tick, after all, they want their articles to sell.

While others take pleasure in exploring the adventurous world and taking recreational activities to write about them. Others just want to sit in their gardens and observe how the birds interact with each other and write about that.

One way of having fun while making money is to be a travel writer. You simply go out and see the world, tell people things you saw and get paid for it.

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