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Steps On How To Defend The Christian Faith

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By Henry Collins

In Christianity, some of the beliefs sound bizarre. One of them is the command to pray for enemies. When analyzed critically, this also means that one should love one's enemies because you cannot possibly pray for someone you don't love. This is against the practice in many other religions thereby connoting that Christianity encourages peace. Thus, fighting and declaring wars are far from how to defend the Christian faith.

Defending the Christian faith is doing that thing that when men see, they would want to identify more with God. It calls for one's mindfulness and making efforts to ensure that what you say in public does not contradict your personal lifestyle. Your neighbors are always looking to see how strong you are in maintaining your stance on certain issues. If you eventually act against what you preach, you will be tagged a hypocrite and people will think less of following your teachings.

Being faced with temptation is not entirely a disadvantage as it also helps to prove the essence of being a Christian. It could be that someone made himself available to Satan to pull you down and is interested to see how you will react. He will be amazed when you don't fall to the trick and think more of being like you.

Sometimes, it looks understandable why someone fell into temptation but the Bible makes it clear that no temptation is brought to man beyond what he can overcome. It is easier for the devil to succeed when he sees that your relationship with God is sour. This is the reason why the Bible forewarned in James 4:8a that going closer to God will cause Him to draw closer to man.

If you are serious about reading the Bible at all times, you should not skip doing so in the morning. This is what most Christians call the quiet time. It is so called because it is during this period that a Christian tries to hear from God in his quietness when he is not bothered by the happenings around. It is in one's quiet time that the nature of God is revealed and it becomes easier to live the Christian life.

Your prayer life should also not be a joke. God can minister to you through prayers with instructions on what to do when certain things come your way. Through prayers, you can also get instant healing for your sickness to the amazement of those who never thought you would get well. When they see the miraculous signs, they feel the urge to also join the faith.

You cannot succeed in defending the Christian faith if you don't preach the gospel. No wonder this remains the Great Commission instituted by Jesus Christ himself. By preaching, you can get more converts from different places such as in the students' hostels, hospitals, and prisons.

Defending Christianity has a single target and that is to make men turn away from their sins. The emphasis is on avoiding eternal damnation and finding rest in God on the Last Day. As a Christian, it is your primary duty from God to try your possible best to ensure that people around you hear that Jesus saves.

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