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The Lilly Pad Blog Martial Arts Training Group To Heal

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By Gregory Hughes

Beyond being an offensive and defensive skill & practice to be both sought after and possessed, at tiger rock, martial art is a discipline in its own right. In theory and practice, It essentially comprises of development in physical and mental prowess, and ultimately improvement in personal health. If used properly, The Lilly Pad Blog says, it has the ability to greatly benefit the practitioner into being a well furnished and civilized individual.

Children between the age of 4-7, the emphasis is placed on improving the level of confidence, focus, and self-control and this is achieved through much practice than theory, for it is observed that most children in this age band learn so much from observing, taking part interactively than they do through reading, yet even a little bit of reading is included in their curriculum.

In one form it is depicted on the tombs of Beni Hasan, Egypt, and in another as works of art depicting battle scenes on cave paintings at eastern Spain. In one form it is documented in writings manuals from ancient China s Xi dynasty times, and in another through the literature of the Sangam period in southern India.

It thus also differs in practice as already is apparent, yet its initial purpose seems to have been the very same; combat. With all its variety, development, improvement and advancement, it is fitting to say the common denominator(s) or noticeable traits, which can also be seen as it s pillars is that, the practice is combat oriented, spiritually oriented and health oriented.

It is combat oriented in that you learn physical self-defence, the use of strength to counter an immediate threat of violence. This can be conducted whether the practitioner of the form of martial arts is armed or unarmed. There s also a mental aspect to this, for combat before its execution in the physical realm, is carried out in the psychological sphere, thus calling mental fortification.

It is health oriented in that, mostly in regions of Asia, as an added discipline, students are taught the medicinal practice. They learn consumption of food that is healthy bodies, bone-setting for knowing bone manipulation. This is beneficial in that it teaches where to find the vulnerability which to protect for yourself and exploit on others at the same time.

It is spiritually oriented in that there are practices in it like meditation that can be ascribed or linked to religion and spiritual systems, this is seen practiced all over Asia as one of the non-physical qualities of combat and also an aid in attaining enlightenment. Concepts like emptying of one s mind, attaining inner peace, fostering of self conscience and calmness are all an integral part of the practice.

At Adulthood level is where all the tough stuff is taught. Physical fitness is the first order of the business, taekwondo is characterized by a variation of kicking techniques; head-height kicks, Jumping & spinning kicks, fast kicking, these are all aggressively taught here. Mental prowess is here developed along with heightened cognitive sense which contributes to reducing stress level and your well being in a variable and volatile environment.

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