Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Lessons To Learn From Noahs Flood

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By Janet Jones

At the time God called Noah to build the ark, he was already 480 years old. Noah did everything God asked him to do so today, he is celebrated by so many. There are a lot of things to learn from the account of Noahs flood. Here you shall see at least seven of them.

The first lesson to learn from this is the importance of obedience. Even though the flood was yet to come, Noah sprang up to duty as soon as the Lord gave the specifications. And after building the ark, Noah was also careful to take note of the animals God wanted to preserve and the way he wanted it. Even though this was not so easy for a man of his age, yet, his joy was to do all that God had commanded him.

To think that God will spare a sinner is to make a mistake. Some argue that it is impossible for God to allow evil to befall someone but this account proves them wrong. God is both a loving father and a righteous judge. His disapproval of evil makes it unbearable when he wants to punish disobedience.

Again, this account makes it clear that God's delay does not mean denial. If he has said that a thing will come to pass, it is just a matter of time and it will manifest. Noah warned his generation but they waited more than 100 years and nothing happened. They all perished with the flood but Noah and his family were saved.

The flood also makes it crystal clear that God is merciful in his anger. Even though He was furious and planned something bad, he tried to look for a way of escape for those who would believe. So it is right when Christians call him a "merciful God" and "the consuming fire."

In the story, one can see that although the flood destroyed every other thing, those in the ark were saved. Today, the ark remains symbolic for those who are taking their rest in God. Although God may have allowed evil in certain places, the believers in that area are safe as they continue to lean on Him. There is still an open invitation today for all men to seek His face and to accept Him as Lord and Saviour.

Noah did not give consent to the mockery of those around him. He was determined to do everything that God had commanded him to do and he did it gladly. He believed every word that God said concerning the impending doom even though it had never happened before. He is also a man of faith like one of his fathers, Abraham.

Noah's account was written in the Bible, not just for knowledge sake. The lessons are rich and everyone who wants to take God seriously must follow them. If not for Noah, the entire human race would probably be history today but through him, God's purpose for creation was reactivated. It is therefore important to try to be different in any place you find yourself. If others are doing wrong, maintain your stance to follow Him as you may be the reason for their survival tomorrow.

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