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50 Shades of Grey - A Detailed Inside Look

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By Mary Williams

50 Shades of Grey is a bestseller about a 22 year old college student named Ana who falls for a wealthy young entrepreneur named Christian Grey. The story begins when Ana's roommate and best friend Katherine Kavanagh asks her to fill in for her at an interview due to her illness. When Ana arrives to the interview, she is instantly blown away by Christian's good looks. Although Ana was initially attracted to Christian, she is also very intimidated by him. As a result, she becomes extremely nervous and starts to stumble through the entire interview.

When she leaves the interview, she automatically assumes that the interview went horribly. In an attempt to make herself feel better, she starts thinking to herself that she will most likely never see this handsome and charming young man again. To her surprise however, she discovers Christian at the hardware store where she works. When Christian goes to make a purchase, Ana tells him that her best friend Katherine would like some photographs to go along with the article she is writing. He then hands Ana his number.

As soon as she gets home, her roommate instantly convinces her to contact Grey and schedule a photo shoot with him and her professional photographer Jose. The following day, Anastasia, her roommate and Jose go to Grey's hotel room to begin the photo shoot. Grey then casually asks Anastasia if she wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee together. Once the both of them begin conversing over coffee, he asks her if she is seeing anyone. She then tells him that she's not seeing anybody. Throughout the course of the conversation, Ana finds out that Christian is also single. Ana at this point does not think that Christian is what some would call a total angel. Ana is very interested in Grey because of this, and becomes more intrigued by him after he saves her from getting run over by a cyclist. Even though Ana is beginning to start getting more interested in Grey, she thinks that she just isn't his type. One evening, Anastasia goes out for a few drinks with her good friends and winds up getting extremely intoxicated.

During a drunken fit of madness, she winds up giving Christian a call. He then tells her that he would stop by and pick her up. She then heads outside to wait. While Ana is outside, she ends up running into the photo expert Jose who then tries to kiss her. Christian quickly pulls the plug on his plans by showing up. Grey then ends up bringing her back to his hotel. The following morning when Ana awakes, Christians reveals to her that he would like to have sex with her. He then spices things up by asking Ana to agree to a contract. He shortly changes his mind after making out with Ana in an elevator. At some point, Ana an Christian end up going on a date. Grey then takes Ana back to his apartment in his chopper. When they arrive, Grey asks her once more if she wouldn't mind signing the agreement, which prohibited her from discussing any sexual acts they performed on each other. Ana then accepts the provisions of the contract. Christian then tells Ana that there is another agreement that will consist of submission and dominance with absolutely no romance involved. He really wants their relationship to be 100% sexual. The agreement even forbids her from making direct eye contact with Grey. He then finds out that Ana is a virgin and decides to put the contract on hold, so he could be her first. The two then end up having sexual relations. As time passes, Ana starts to receive various gifts from Grey. One of them just so happened to be a laptop computer. This way, he and Ana were able to stay in touch via email. Ana then becomes skeptical about the whole ordeal and tells Grey that she refused to honor certain parts of the contract. She then starts to wonder what the results might be from being in a relationship that's solely based on sex with no romantic moments.

Ana and grey then meet up to talk more about her concerns. Feeling completely confused by the whole relationship, she decides to end things between her and christian. The 2 later meet up again at Ana's graduation, where Grey was invited to be a guest speaker. Shortly after, she and Christian end up dating again and end up addressing the nature of the contract as well. During this time, Ana feels what it's like to be spanked for the first time in her life. After this happened, she didn't know quite how to react to everything. Part of her seemed to like it, and the other part was just plain confused. In the meanwhile, Grey tries to keep Ana happy by showering her with extravagant gifts and introducing her to his family. Still, Ana is not completely sold and continues to have her doubts. She later gets hired at a Seattle Publishing company. Their relationship gets even more complicated when she asks Christian to punish her. She did this in order to test the extremities of the whole relationship. Grey accepts her request and beats her with a belt. After the beating, Ana is unsure as to how to feel about it and makes the choice to leave Christian. Feeling totally devastated by the whole ordeal, she then decides to move back in with her friend Katherine.

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