Monday, October 1, 2012

Your Guide To Sci Fi Femme Fatale Books

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By Goldie Booker

The Sci Fi Femme Fatale books involve the twisted dynamic of fictional female characters using their charm, seduction and smooth ways to lure men into their traps. The genre differs tremendously from conventional tales in which women are often saved by leading male characters. The popularity of this book line has increased tremendously as readers simply cannot get enough of the power and mystery surrounding these stories.

A Femme Fatale is considered a deceptive yet powerful woman who is anything but the damsel in distress. The characters will often focus their charm and seductive technique on unsuspecting victims. Also referred to as the fatal woman, these characters will take control of situations and wield their power in unimaginable and manipulative ways.

A larger number of avid readers are being drawn to these characters as a result of their mystery, deviousness and appeal. Many stories focus on the way in which these beauties use their intelligence to conjure devious plans. Most times the outcome for their victims is devastating.

The vixens will most often target men with the aim of revenge or taking control of a situation. The role is therefore reversed as these charming characters rarely have to be saved. Readers have delighted in situations where female characters tend to disappear once a plan is devised and executed.

Although a popular genre, it has received much criticism for its conflicting view of women. The role of female characters as temptresses and devious has gained a large amount of attention in publication. Despite controversy, it is still a highly rated genre.

Sci fi femme fatale books continue to mesmerize audiences. The success of this genre is attributed to the manipulative, charming and seductive ways of seemingly innocent women. With men finding themselves caught in their webs of deception, readers find themselves drawn to its characters.

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