Friday, October 26, 2012

Tutorial On How To Get A Girl In Bed

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By Johnny Smooth

At times, girls can really be annoying due to indecisiveness nature. It is hard to tell if they have made up their mind or they are just kidding. Ever been in a situation where by you have made advances on a girl and after some time you decide to get a drink, and in the process you start making out; you manages to undress her as you kiss her and then out of the blue she shuts you down and refuses to proceed? This is the last minute resistance and in order to know how to get a girl in bed one should understand the woman.

Women are very different; there are those that will give it to you on the first date, others in a week, and other will only do it after proving to them that you are only interested in them and not their body. This can be very confusing, but that is how women reason, so, it is better to think from their perspective in order to understand them.

Many are those that are emotional and can be put off just by mere comments. Therefore, one should firs think through anything they say in their presence; otherwise you may ruin the chances of getting her to sleep with you.

As mentioned, women are different. This is because there are those that want men who completely take charge and make them their slaves. On the other hand, there are those that like it when a man goes by their pace. One should be patient; ladies are mostly turned off by guys who seem to expect it and go ballistic when it does not happen.

Ladies like when a guy understands that they hold the power of giving it, and will only give it when they thinks you have earned it. Its said that even the most beautiful woman has her insecurities; therefore, complementing them every once in a while makes them feel special, and, as a result, become closer and comfortable in your company.

Although this may sound creepy, men should not hesitate to sleep with a woman when they get a chance. At times, one may think of going smooth on them thinking that they may get another chance, but the truth is, this is your only chance. Girls that are going through break ups are very vulnerable to sex and most of the time will do crazy stuff just to console themselves.

Some girls like playing hard to get and will even tell you to stop in the verge of entering her, do not pay attention to her, just go with what her body language says. In this case, you should make sure that she is doing everything at her own will. Give her space to walk away as you caress her and you will notice that she never meant it.

Hurrying things will destroy the mood; one should flow with her body language and give her what she want when she wants it. Kissing is very vital especially for girls that complain when touched at some parts. This will distract them just make sure you understand her body language and can tell when she is comfortable with you touching this area. Teasing also help in making her want it.

Women like men who can go down on them or rather perform oral sex. This makes them horny and incapable of resisting intercourse. To see if she is ready, try to slightly touch her pussy with her pants on, if she is comfortable proceed and insert your hand in the panties. Before you notice it, she will ask you to finger her, by now; she must want it so bad.

At that point, leaving her even for second can make her change her mind so its better to keep the busy and distract them. If you still have your clothes on, try undressing her and note her reaction, if she does not do the same with you just create and opening and enter her and you will that she will relax. This way you can complement her looks and she will probably agree to strip around you.

During dates, women have everything figured out, they are usually ready, just show them that you are really in to them and perhaps make them laugh. It cannot get easier than this; this is the only way to know how to get a girl in bed.

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