Sunday, September 4, 2016

Information About Surviving The Grid Going Down

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By Arthur Snyder

Many unexpected things take place every day. People want to believe that the national power system is highly resilient. However, that is not always the case. It has some vulnerability that if exploited a disaster can happen. Surviving the grid going down is something that should concern everyone who depends on electric energy. This is the exception rather than the norm. However, judging by past power system failures, future occurrences cannot be completely written off. Therefore, preparing mentally, physically and emotionally will help in the unfortunate scenario of grid failure.

Humans make and maintain power distribution systems. Therefore, there are inherent errors and faults in these systems. These are what cause permanent and temporary failures. At times, the root cause of the problem is simple and easily understandable. In addition, there are usually cases that are beyond the scope of human understanding. Mechanical problems are simple in nature. Thus, they will not take long to fix.

Since the invention of computers and the internet, cyber attacks have been the norm. Banking institutions have lost millions to hackers. Secrets of governments have been leaked to the internet by cyber terrorists. These are evil people bent on disrupting the orderly conduct of life. Some hackers may plan to hack the electricity transmission systems of the major global powers. This will lead to unprecedented blackouts.

The most probable cause of power system failure has to be adverse weather conditions. Typhoons, blizzards, hurricanes and torrential rain have caused untold suffering all over the world. These acts of nature are unpreventable. When they happen, they leave behind a trail of destruction including power blackouts. Being prepared against the worst that nature can cause is always a good move.

Humans eat to survive. Without food, people simply perish. Adequate food reserves will last a family during an entire disaster. There should be no compromising on the issue of emergency food. The horrors that come with power failures demand that people be properly energized so that to survive the long days. Dry and canned foods are the easiest to stock.

The most important element of human survival is water. When the body goes for more than four days without a drop of water, the different organs start to shut down. People can survive for long without food. However, it takes only some days for one to die because of dehydration. One should have gallons of clean and safe emergency water.

Having backup heating and lighting is a commonsense measure. For most people in developed countries, electricity is the primary source of energy. There is also need for a secondary source that will come in handy during emergencies. Kerosene and propane are recommended. Therefore, an individual should also have kerosene heaters and lamps. The house needs heating even during power blackout.

The world is characterized by uncertain variables. People cannot tell what will happen tomorrow therefore the best thing for them to do is to expect the best while preparing for the worst. Preparing for grid failure is not an effort in futility because the grid has failed several times in the past. Thus, there is the possibility of future failure.

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