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Understanding The Final Days With End Of Times Book By Roy Burger

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By Elizabeth Walker

There is an eternity. Life on earth is a preparation for it. The earthling is a traveler in a bus bound to somewhere much better. One should enjoy the journey but most importantly, he should eagerly await the destination that is Heaven. There is the day of completion. The seventh day marked the conclusion of creation and the start of life on earth. They will reach a day when earth will cease to exist. These are complex issues to grasp but they are easily explained in end of times book by Roy Burger. This publication offers much needed enlightenment.

The Bible, the greatest book ever written has said a lot about this time of history. The prevailing theme is that it is a period of great human suffering. Earthquakes, droughts and human evil have been predicted. These are being observed first hand with nation rising against nation in world wars and leaders who care very little about people, committing injustice.

Ignorance is not bliss. It leads to a very dangerous path. People need to get the last days enlightenment from a good publication. Knowledge is power. Those who survive are people who have high quality information. A Christian should strive to be as informed as possible about Revelation. This is a book of great mystery. However, it can be understood by the enlightenment of a theological writer.

Daniel was a major Prophet in the Bible. He wrote about many signs and occurrences. He had great visions about what will happen in future. He saw the rise and fall of Babylon. Prophet Daniel also predicted everything about the Roman Empire. In the last days, parts of this empire will come together to create a formidable global force.

The biggest prophesy awaiting realization relates to the terrible and great day that is to come. To some, it will be a day of happiness and bliss because it will be when they will enter Paradise. To others, it will be a day or regret and reckoning where all of a person's deeds come to haunt him. Being prepared is important.

The publication about the last days emphasizes the need to be well prepared because it will just be like the days of Noah. Before the great flood, people were marrying, eating and dining and they refused to heed Noah's call to get into the ark. Before they realized that the flood will destroy the earth completely, it was late and they perished.

The book concerning the final hour has chapters that comprehensively address the issue of the Rapture of the Church. This will be one of the most eventful moments in the world. It will make a turning point where the man of sin will finally be revealed and the mark of the beast will start being used. Rapture is an event worth understanding.

Bible prophesies are always fulfilled because of their divine nature. Heaven and earth will pass away, but the Holy Word will not pass without being fulfilled. What has been written in the Bible will become a reality one day. The issue of end times may look like a far-fetched reality until it happens. The final hour is unknown to man and angels. It will happen when most people do not except because of being engrossed in the cares of the world.

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