Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Timely Tips For Ensuring Your Survivalist Story Is Heard

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By Diane Baker

Survivalists believe it is just a matter of time before some cataclysmic event occurs that will render normal living conditions in our country or the entire world untenable. They are not talking about the types of natural disasters we see on occasion like tornadoes, hurricanes, or tsunamis. Their concern is with total economic collapse, crippling viruses, and massive terrorist attacks. In these cases, it will be essential, in their minds, to be prepared if you want to tell your individual survivalist story to future generations.

Many feel it is prudent to stockpile a certain amount of supplies in case of a severe weather event that leaves them stranded and without power. It is always a good idea to have enough candles and matches, batteries, canned goods, and bottled water on hand to get you through a week or so of isolation. Eventually these supplies will run out however, and in the case of a long term disaster, they will not be enough.

Most true survivalists avoid urban dwellings. They believe that in the face of a real cataclysmic event, this environment will become hostile to the people who live there. They will not have access to food or clean water. Metropolitan areas will quickly become active breeding grounds for rodents, disease, and violence.

For best results, you need to seek shelter somewhere you have access to vegetation, abundant water, and natural sheltering spots. These resources are not usually available in crowded, metropolitan areas. Those who reside in rural areas and small communities will probably have a natural advantage. They are individuals more used to living off the land.

If you hope to survive in this new world, you will have to obtain reliable shelter and learn how to forage for things to eat. Underground bunkers are the solution some people have come up with. They have built elaborate structures that can house numerous individuals for an extended period of time. Others would rather take their chances above ground and would prefer to live in a cave environment much like their ancient relatives.

You need to learn beforehand which plants are edible and which are not. Assuming the atmosphere has not been compromised, nuts, fruits and other types of vegetation may still be available to cultivate. Basic bows and arrows can be easily constructed from tree branches, vines, and stones. You should already have several good hunting knives before this happens to use for killing game and protection.

One of the best things you can do for yourself, whether the unthinkable happens or not, is to live a healthy life. In the case of such a devastating event, money and the trappings of wealth will be pretty much useless. Only those who are strong and able to combat the elements and the sudden loss of food and shelter will survive. Individuals who have maintained a healthy diet and exercised regularly will have the advantage.

Not everyone believes they will ever be involved in these types of disasters, but everyone should be ready to take care of themselves for a period of time. You never know when circumstances will drastically change.

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