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True And Verified Story Of Survival

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By Pamela Richardson

Some people have mastered the art of creating and telling fictional stories to the point of making them to appear real. A true story of survival can be identified by a few qualities. It is verifiable through witness accounts especially the point of re-entry into normalcy like returning from the jungle, being rescued from a building rumble, etc. Such stories are also covered by reputable media outlets. Their occurrence also coincides with natural phenomena like earthquake, flood, terror attack, etc. Here are the most amazing stories in history.

In 1971, Robertson wanted to treat his family by taking them on a tour to several ports. Along the way, a school of whales messed their boat, leaving them to drift to sea for days before abandoning it. In total, they remained lost for 38 days living on food that was only meant for six days. Their rescuers were Japanese fishermen who brought them to shore.

In 2013, Okene Harrison survived under water but in an air bubble for three days. He was on board Jackson-4 as a cook off the Nigerian coast when it capsized. Rescuers looking for its surface tapped where he was trapped prompting his rescue. It is understandable that he never wants to return to sea.

28 men set out on an Endurance expedition in 1914. Their ship got stuck in ice in the Antarctica. The ice was too much and their ship named Endurance got stuck. They used life boats to access the nearest island over 14 days. From there, the nearest inhabited island was in Georgian territory and 1000 miles away. Though all crew members survived, their dogs were not lucky after their rations run low.

Juliane Koepcke has two stories of survival to tell. First was as a lone survivor when LANSA Flight 508 was brought down by lightening on Christmas Eve in 1971. She landed on the flow of the Peruvian rain forest with a fractured collar bone over a buttered and bruised body. No one found her for nine days until maggots attacked her wounds and she had to keep them off using gasoline. She would be found by lumber workers nine days later.

Apollo 13 crew made a miraculous return to earth in 1970 after their shuttle was damaged during launch. Attempted re-entry was a gamble. They only had ration to last one and a half days for two people. It eventually took them three days to make the daring return. They used a lunar lifeboat that landed them safely back to earth. The only harm they encountered was severe dehydration especially for Hayse.

Ralston is known for amputating his own hand in order to survive in 2003. He got trapped when climbing the Blue John Canyon alone. Since no one knew where he was, there was no rescue three days on. He decided to amputate his hand. Two days later, none of the methods he thought had work. He went for part of his hand and descended on one arm. Six hours later, a European couple rescued him at the blink of death from blood loss.

Crawford Allan and Stephenson Vilhjamur had hired a native Inupiat called Ada Blackjack as their cook in an expedition to claim Wrangle Islands. Three of the five crew members left as claim for the new territory went in search of food to replenish their ration. Ada was left with an ailing crew member who later passed on. Since the others never returned, she was rescued alone two years later in 1923.

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