Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Survival Secrets For Living Off The Grid

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By Frances Edwards

Although many people do not subscribe to the notion of residing in an isolated spot, the truth is that it may help with promoting your well being especially if you get easily stressed by normal life. If you want to try living off the grid, you should be ready for significant changes from the life you are used to thus far. You should have what it takes to live without interacting with your peers for long, not to mention the reality of having no access to shared utilities such as electricity and piped water.

To start off your new found life, you ought to do some preparation. For starters, you must know the climate of the area you will be residing in. Find out whether you can cultivate your own garden for subsistence. In the past, families used to plant all the food they needed right outside their homes. This meant they were self sustained round the clock.

You should think of this as well. It even gets easier if you settle for a spot that has a water source nearby. With a river located close by, you can plant crops using irrigation. If the area is dry and not conducive for agriculture, you should weigh your options carefully. It is very important to ensure you have easy access to a water source for agriculture, cooking and drinking.

Once you have water available, the other areas of concern will be easy to meet. With no cooking gas available, you should review your options for cooking. You may make a makeshift stove out of clay or use rocks to create a cooking platform.

You should also have absolutely no problem gathering firewood if you choose a spot that is surrounded by trees and bushes. To get a good grasp of surviving in the wild, start practicing how to make fires using any dry twigs you find close to where you are. When you light a bonfire at night when out in the wild, predators and disturbing insects will not come near you.

Your communication needs should also be well thought out before you move. Surviving off grid also means using natural techniques to communicate with others. Essentially, you will have to do without electronic communication gear. If you cannot fathom the thought of leaving home without your cell phone, it would be prudent to learn how to communicate without it early enough. Also remember that you will have no access to a television set. As such, prior preparation and anticipation is important.

For a smooth experience, it is wise to opt for a downhill location. There are several advantages that come with taking this step. For one, a downhill spot will guarantee a good supply of river and rain water. To flow uphill, water must always be pumped. Staying downhill will ensure your tanks get filled through gravity. Moreover, your home will always remain shielded during hailstorms.

The greatest trick to surviving for the longest time possible lies in how you set up your home. Ensure it is well insulated using good windows and roofing material. Also ensure there is enough entry space for sunlight. Lastly, always use low combustion firewood in your fireplace during winter.

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