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Award Winning Political Fiction Books 2017

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By Lisa Morgan

Spotlight is always on magazines and newspaper columns when politics is discussed. However, there is a depth that political fiction books 2017 cover issues with that cannot be achieved by these news outlets. The coverage is awe inspiring with different approaches to each issue that reveals incredible perspectives to what most people only view naively. This is partly due to the diverse background of the authors in question.

1984 is a strange leader in this category considering that it was penned by George Orwell in 1949. It is an imagination of a future that seems to have caught up with humanity. He imagines a future where the world is under the control of super powers and where newspeaks and thoughtcrime are common place. The reality for this novel came to fore with the introduction of Macintosh by Apple in 1984. It would be also form the subject of 2007 Democratic primaries.

Robert Warren gifts literature lovers with All The Kings Men that is also half a century old. It tackles the idea of rise and fall of politicians, with his focus in the book being Willie Stark. This is an attempt to see how much politicians sacrifice for fame, only to crumble in their quest. The novel won Pulitzer Prize for its expert narration.

On what engine does the world run and is there a person who switches the button on and off? Ayn Rand uses Atlas Shrugged to examine this idea. As a capitalism apologia, he has managed to maintain a consistent voice through his works. The approach he gives issues has turned this title into the second most influential book in America. It is a darling of conservatives because of its heavy libertarian views.

The military, war and politics have been inseparable for centuries. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller does not want to treat these subjects with the seriousness many people view them. He ridicules them through his first novel that is also very impressive. He is credited for introducing new lexicon through this narrative into the English language.

Golding William is not an author who needs introduction. The Lord of Flies is a naturally selling title that approaches politics from a philosophical point of view. He explores the idea of civilization and whether it gets as deep as the soul. In his assessment, the soul never gets civilized considering what it can do when law and order are suspended. The results are dumbfounding.

Harper Lee is the author behind the revealing title To Kill A Mocking Bird. His exploration is the never ending debate about class and race. He sets his novel in Deep South during the 30s and uses an endearing 8 year old main character to tell his story. The characters created are also very endearing. It explores the subjects of justice and perseverance vs prejudice and hypocrisy.

Adults in the Room is a piece of work penned by Yanis Varoufakis, a socialist who rose to become the prime minister in 2015. As an economist lecturer, he thought that he had a solution to Greek financial crisis that did not include austerity. He will realize that these are just illusions. Something else controls the world.

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