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Top Ranked Political Thriller Books 2017

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By Deborah Fisher

Every year is associated with a particular hero. Even 2017 has titles that have won the hearts of readers as well as the world of political drama. There are titles that were borrowed from previous years and still shone through 2017. Others are so exciting that you would think they come from the future. Here is a look at political thriller books 2017 and the exciting stories that have captured the imagination of literature and drama lovers through the year.

Tom Clancy is the author behind Executive Orders which opens with a terrorist attack at Capital Hill. It results in the death of the president, a wiping out of congress and elimination of most cabinet members. America now looks up to Jack Ryan to redeem her image while still facing a looming war. This is the real definition of a thriller with every paragraph being packed with heart throbbing moments.

Protect and Defend is written by Vince Flynn exploring the nuclear tussle Iran and Israel engage in and how it draws America into the narrative. Israel completely eliminates the nuclear infrastructure set up by Iran. The leader of Iran thinks that America has a hand and takes aim at US. As the interesting geopolitical narrative unfolds, the president of United States is also faced with personal matters to deal with. How good is he at balancing and what is the outcome? Only this novel can reveal that.

The president of US has been kidnapped. This is unheard of but Brad Thor uses The Lion of Lucerne to explore such a scenario. With Utah as the setting, the public is informed that terrorists in Middle East are involved. However, the only surviving secret service agent knows more and is out to reveal the secret. How does the president act as a hostage? Take the novel and experience the thrill.

Even the most secret documents in the world are handled by more than one hand. That hand is Beecher who is responsible for presidential secrets. To impress his childhood crush, he shows her the vault where the most secret documents are reviewed by the president. They reveal deceptions, murders and conspiracies. Are these secrets connected to their lives? Only The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer can tell.

Control over Middle East is top on the agenda of this American president when he creates a point man for this region. Unfortunately, this man turns against US, compromising her security by creating ISIS. Ben Coe in First Strike explores the action that follows and the expectations of American people on their president.

Two scientist professors disappear, one from Washington DC streets and the other from Cambridge University. A member of the secret service is out to unravel this mystery and will reveal some shocking details about operations that are unseen to ordinary eyes. Ted Bell packs Warriors with some of the most intriguing events and a unique kind of violence that also loops in the American president.

Political Thrillers are in abundant supply and a new title emerges every year. Other titles worth noting are By Order of the President written by Griffin W and The 14th Colony by Berry Steve. The way politics affect personal lives is also in display for all to see. The personal lives of national leaders are also interesting to watch.

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