Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Elements Of A Good Mobster Crime Novel

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By Nancy Patterson

You need knowledge before becoming a great author. Knowing how the world works is not enough. Sometimes, your two eyes are not capable enough of learning ht the truth. Aside from using your five senses, you need to use your heart too. You cannot just make a good book, especially, without having a heart.

At least, if you cannot still find the reasons for it, then, think of making a reason. If this highly takes your interest, start your developments by writing a Mobster Crime Novel. It is hard to come up with a nice plot. Everyone could feel you. Before all those great writers reach their position and fame, they struggle just like you too. You do not need to be born from a rich family just to become a great author. The bitter your experiences are, the greater your storyline and opinions could be. People who are into that kind of despair are not really that lucky. Still, they have something that the others failed to have. It is their experience.

At the young age, they have learned how the lowest part of the world work and live. They have witnessed and learned various emotions. They could certainly use that, especially, in moving the readers to tears. Even in writing suspense novels, you must know how to hurt the emotions of your readers.

Being a writer is quite a privilege. You can freely share your thoughts here. You can make a small opinion highly relevant. You could change the perspective of the public with the use of your hands. Hence, consider yourself lucky enough. Of course, be responsible too.

Just make sure to find the right timing for doing it. Going back to your characters, remember to stick with their mindset. They should act in accordance with their character setup. If they are a cowardly person, then, they should be a coward until the end. Before changing that, then, give them a chance to improve.

Regardless how talented a specific person could be, they still have flaws. The way they have written the story, their ability in constructing words, they matter a lot. Check how organized they are. Consider their ways of writing. Some good stories can give their readers a headache. That is true, especially, if the words are not arranged accordingly.

To see that for yourself, then, think of reading their materials. Compare it from other authors. Make sure to compare your books too. As for the creation of your storyline, take advantage of the problems and the political issues of the society. Even a small accident can be falsified. Use politics effectively.

Readers are given the chance to peak through the mind of all the supporting characters. They could even read through the minds of the villains. Even your mind. Knowing how many fictional books are released and sold on the market, letting your reader guess your plans might put you at a great disadvantage.

It would cause them to lost interest in your work. That is why, when all your plans are revealed, look for alternatives. Leave small clues. However, try to make it misleading. After giving them small rays of hope, take it immediately away from them.

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