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Some Afghanistan War Books That Are Hard To Put Down

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By Donald Fisher

Dakota Meyer is a hero who defied orders and risked his own life to save the lives of many others. He tells his amazing story in one of the most thrilling Afghanistan war books, Into The Fire, in which Taliban insurgents viciously ambushed him and many of his comrades. Instead of waiting by the vehicles as he was commanded to, he led a barrage of attacks that left the enemy stunted and rescued many of his comrades from death.

Outlaw Platoon is a book that is action-packed so it keeps the reader interested, and every scene is full of emotion. Sean Parnell wrote this book about a very difficult battle in the Hindu Kesh, a deadly area in the Afghan mountains. The 10th Mountain Division had to fight for their lives almost constantly for sixteen straight months.

Where Men Win Glory is a story of bravery and sacrifice, the center of the tale being NFL icon Pat Tillman. Jon Krakauer writes about how Pat decided to turn down his NFL contract, a multimillion-dollar deal, and instead chose to serve his country in the Army. While he died a legend, the true story of his life documented here is a much more human tale.

As a New York Times foreign correspondent, Dexter Filkins saw a lot of things over the course of his career that filled in a detailed perspective of the conflict in this country. He witnessed the Taliban's rise, 9/11, the Afghan wars, and he also saw and reported on Iraq. He put all of his experience into the book The Forever War, which has a wealth of information and memorable stories.

Ghost Wars is a book that was written by Steve Coll, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. His novel goes into the covert wars that were taking place in this country which may have caused the rise of militancy that was seen amongst the Islamic people. His book explores the reasons why September 11th happened, pointing to these covert affairs, and questioning why bin Laden avoided being captured for so long.

There are not many stories as desperate and bloody as the Chosen Few by Greg Zoroya. This is the tale of a group of paratroopers who found themselves in a much different fight than they expected. Instead of winning over some mountain people and exploring the wilderness, they were fighting for their lives with no way of escaping.

Lynn Vincent and Captain Roger Hill both teamed up to tell a story that they claim the Army would not want people to see. The book called Dog Company sheds a negative light on the way the US Army treats its own soldiers. Hill reveals how he had to decide whether to disobey orders or let his comrades be killed.

Major Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer got together to write Lions of Kandahar to tell a story that is both authentic and straight from the source, as well as easy to read and understand. There was a time when the southern Afghan regions were starting to fall under control, and it seemed that the only thing that stood in their way was the Kandahar Province. With the help of Operation Medusa, this was prevented.

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