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Life And Stories Of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Explained

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By Diane Cole

Religions existed for so many years. They are built to assemble individuals who share the same belief with one another and observe some practices. There are some renown personalities who have made long lasting impression to so many organizations and people globally.

Developing a Church involves numerous challenges, nonetheless. But Bishop Charles Harrison Mason have done so many great things that other people considered difficult to individually manage and deal with. He was a great founder and also a senior Bishop. He was born 1864 and Mason has completely contributed to the faith and religion of many people across US. Even if its still small at first, it has slowly developed into a good and excellent thing these days.

As a kid, he was influenced by religion which his parents educate him. It was 1879 in which he joined a specific missionary and was baptized as a true Christian. Even he opposed the idea to become a clergyman because Charles was dedicated to become a lay member, Mason still become one. Unfortunately, he got contracted with tuberculosis which spreads fast a year later and made him and his family suffered tremendously.

Since great clinics and hospitals were not available in their communities at that time, patients have no other way but to resort on small medical center that only present small help. Jerry, who is Mason father, contracted the disease and meet his death, resulting the family to move to Arkansas. Without the solemn prayers of his siblings also mother, he would not able to overcome the disease.

At age 27, he began his ministerial career. Later on, he entered a Baptist College, but he withdrew after three months because he was dissatisfied of the methodology and the curriculum that the institution observed. His claimed was that the teachings were too liberal and are not strong enough to highlight the Word of God. Most people agree that he always stick to his beliefs.

He also undergone various travels, both in international and local territories. Mason was not just exclusive to his ministry because he preached in numerous churches. On top of that, he also practiced teaching in various communities. In 1911, he effectively established the first department and auxiliaries of Church which concerns the women and the young people.

When it concerns his personal life, he married Alice Saxton. But sadly, after two years, Saxton has decided to end their relationship because she does not agree on his ministerial life. A year after Saxton died because of illness, he married Lelia Washington and had seven children. It was on November 17, 1961, at 97, that he died and meet the Creator.

Just like with some experts, there are some people who are inspired by his achievements and works. For that reason, they begin to consider and read his achievements and works. This proves how excellent and memorable the life of the bishop.

Every popular individual has a life achievement and story to tell. So, if you are interested or curious about something, never be hesitant to spare time reading numerous matters. There are numerous resources available that can be of good help.

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