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Why Novice Writers Should Read Cordy Fitzgerald Books

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By Kathleen Lewis

If you like to know your place in the literary world, you need to determine your competitors. Do not try to be jealous of their skills. Rather than that, though, find some ways to surpass them. Learn from their flaws and their success. You need to act that way, specifically, to become highly renown in this field.

This is a challenge for new writers. You better commit the perfect crime in writing books. This is true for those authors who are fond of making thrilling materials. If you need to study further, you better do that. Do not just deceive the fictional characters. Make sure to deceive the readers too. Just consider those books written by Cordy Fitzgerald. You must learn from your fellow writers. Regardless of their position and status in the publishing industry, they are still your competitors. Having a great writing technique will never secure you a good fame in the literary industry. You should know that. Of course, you need fame.

If the public recognizes your work, that only means that you are credible enough in writing great stories. That is the time you will be able to recognize yourself. Certainly, it would never be that simple to entice the public. You got to be strategic about it. As a writer, try to ignore your principles and morals. As you read this, you would learn the ways of becoming a good writer.

First of all, think about of building a plot. It is not that simple. If you like, you can observe your surrounding. You could even use real stories as a reference. A controversy is needed in order to create good plots. Take a look at the society. Consider the problems that are occurring on it right now. You are not manipulating anyone.

Consider the current issues and problems that the society face. Think what are those issues that are ignored by the society. The world might keep on moving. However, you can never erase the fact that tons of conspiracies exist in this world. You can make a simple incident a big thing. You can make someone insignificant become a significant person.

To become a popular writer, you need resources too. Therefore, grab any chance you would find. Negotiations are very important. Be realistic as much as possible. Do not stick to the usual ways. As they have read your works, the public would try to decipher your motives and plans. In a story, the true criminals are not the villain.

It is the writer. Therefore, be careful about your ways and wordings. Be careful in setting up your characters and in describing the events. When writing, you must turn into a completely different person. Think the way your characters do. You better stick with their morals and their ideas. You cannot just betray them.

There are many ways to present an old plot. As mentioned above, to make a great story, you will need to create the best crime. Make an insignificant scene become a valuable clue. Since you are writing a suspense book, you better be careful with your wording and grammar. Your technical ability matters a lot.

Despite all the things you have written in the book, assure that a part of your soul would still stay on the material. It can show. Therefore, always be wary of your quirks. When creating stories, make sure to transform into a complete person. Think differently.

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