Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Following The Writing Path Of Cordy Fitzgerald

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By Amy White

Being a fan of Cordy can give you a tall order to fill. So, try to meet your personal expectations by coming up with your own novel. It may be hard in the beginning but you have this article to keep you guided. Therefore, go ahead and move one step closer to your dreams. Do not stop acquiring them.

You must read all those interesting finds. The way to become like Cordy Fitzgerald is to become more knowledgeable on most book themes. So, put your free time into good use. You have nothing to lose and you ought to see the world from different perspectives. That is how you come up with believable characters.

Be certain that you get to be successful in getting your peaceful space. Make your family and friend understand that there will be days when you cannot talk to them. You need to get everything out of your head for you to put those pieces together. Do not let any idea pass you by because that can be your big break.

You should build up the consistency among your characters. Because of that, your audience will become more interested with what happens to these people. That is how word can easily spread around your magical work. Manage to come up with the kind of story that people will not be able to resist.

You are actually recommended to leave the ending unidentified until the last few chapters. Be able to surprise yourself on how this story is going to turn out to be. In that scenario, one is guaranteed to feel really fulfilled with all the hard work and time which you have placed on this one. Turn this into your legacy.

Bring a notebook with you all the time. Move out of your home to have a fresh surrounding. This would help drive your creative juices flowing. Simply be into those unique ideas. Some of them may not be approved by your editor but that is fine. Every rejection that comes your way is simply a reminder for you to become a better writer.

Be sure that you are not gaining insights from the Internet alone. Remember that as a writer, you need to be an interpreter of life one way or another. That will not happen if you stay in a dark room all day and night. Find the things which can really set your heart on fire. That will always be the best time to write.

Stick with simple verbs. Your audience are bound to become more engrossed with the details. Thus, try to provide them that without overdoing it. This is vital since you want to be able to touch people from all walks of life with your output. Forget about exclusivity because this is not the best way to earn money in the first place.

If your editor wants something to be changed in your work, then simply learn to compromise. In that scenario, you know that the output will be relatable and your publisher will not have any excuse not to release this one. Play by the rules and be creative too.

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