Tuesday, December 19, 2017

List Of Anti Hero Books

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By Peter Bailey

The conventional novel features a hero whose ultimate action you can predict. Anti hero books are unique because they present a different perspective from what many people know or are used to. They are interesting to read because their actions are different from what you get in other books. In fact, movies and television programs have made such heroes popular. Here are books that have mastered the use of this writing stylistics.

Jonathan Stroud has mastered the character in his novel The Amulet of Samarkand. The setting is Britain where evil controls the society. They have to use jennies that are captured for manipulation. This causes the jennies anger such that they turn against their masters. Meet Nathaniel, a witty and sarcastic character you will fall in love with. Jonathan is a master of narratives.

Just William is penned by Crompton Richmal who sticks to his narrative style but depicts a different type of hero. William is a character who desires freedom and love. He is made to work hard in order to get his desire fulfilled. You will hate William for his disobedience, laziness, incivility and irredeemable character. However, he turns out as the most captivating star you will ever encounter.

Molesworth is the work of Geoffrey Willians, an author of enviable repute. This title stands out among all the novels he has ever written. He chooses a star who is lazy to a fault, sadistic and irredeemable. He has to deal with an administration in his country including a head boy who cannot tolerate him. This is one of the page turners you will complete at a breathtaking speed.

Calvin and Hobbes is an interesting title by Bill Watterson. It is based on the life of an imaginative young boy with a pet tiger that comes to life only when alone. The entire family has fallen in love with Calvin and is always cheering him on. This is an incredibly funny and delightful novel for all to read. It takes an interestingly funny twist that will make it very memorable.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is the brain child of Patricia Highsmith. The author has settled for an unbelievably amoral character to be a mother. She also displays unimaginable psychopathic behaviors. This creepiness is what will leave a memorable impression in your mind. You will begin to look at novels from a different perspective. Pick a comfortable reading area because you might not stop until the last page.

Margret Mitchell has gifted the world Gone With the Wind. Scarlett want to singlehandedly actualize her dream of the world. She will marry another man to spite or even steal the fiance to her sisters. She passes as a very brave and determined star in the novel. However, she is two-faced and rotten to be an ideal mother. It is a book your will read several times and still want to repeat.

John Milton is an anti hero guru with Paradise Lost as his most iconic novel. In the novel, Satan stands out as arrogant and tormented. However, he sacrifices all and has to pay the ultimate price because of his irredeemable situation. Such characters are unique and redefine good novels. The fact that they exist is a puzzle in itself.

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