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What Readers Expect To Read In Anti Hero Novels

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By Frances Olson

Gone are the days when movies and novels had heroes and villains. Writers have brought into the light a character known as an anti-hero. These are a character that covers both the hero and the villain characters. These are a character who you hate to love and love to hate. The charisma is gritty, dark and moody. The novel points out what readers expect to read in anti hero novels.

First off, an anti-hero needs to be deep-rooted. This means they are equally good and bad. So you should not lean to making them appear as more of a villain or a hero would be dynamic in order to cover both sides. The character is supposed to have feelings too of doing both good and evil in order to achieve the anti-hero aspect.

Unlike a hero or a villain, it is easier to relate to an anti-hero. This is because they will not be perfection but rather will have some flaws. They will have good characters like nobility and bad ones like greed. This is to show that they are actually human. Your reader will be able to put themselves in the characters positions.

No one is perfect. Everyone, no matter who they are or how important they have a weakness or a vulnerability. This means that there is something or a number of things that can gravely affect them if it were ever to occur. You should make a point of making this aspect to remain mysterious as long as you can. It also should be something other than a person they are attracted to.

Your character should be driven to act for their own selfish reasons. The character should be on a mission to gain something that is beneficial only to them. The positive impact on the rest of the world should just be a byproduct of their own personal agenda. In short, the charisma ought to be care free of how their actions impact others.

There is always an explanation as to why people are the way they are. Therefore, before you put your character into play, you should have a back story. This story ought to be an explanation of why they act the way they do and why they react to things the way they do. This past should make them be on a mission of trying to solve a mystery or avenge something that happened to them.

A villain does not care if they are breaking the law or not. A hero tends to abide by all the rules and make sure they break none. An anti-hero, however, is totally different. They may have no respect for the regulations of other people, but they have codes and principals that they follow and would not break them easily.

Considering they are both good and bad, they should be able to bring out different characteristics in their readers. If a reader is supportive of them all through it means that there is something not right. Make sure the good and the bad are balanced at all times.

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