Friday, December 22, 2017

Ideas On Avoiding Estrogen Mimicking Chemicals

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By Dorothy Graham

The way your body functions can be simply altered by any introduction of foreign substances in your systems be it in form of fluids or solids. This should make you want to be aware of what you ingest or how you treat your body in general. For instance, you should know that Avoiding Estrogen Mimicking Chemicals should be one of your ultimate goals in life.

These substances tend to work exactly as the estrogen component that you have in your body hence the word mimic. You will be surprised at the many products that have these substances put into them to boost their functionality. Items such as food colors and flavors have been discovered to have these additives in large quantities which are dangerous to your system.

The health risks of the introduction of foreign chemicals in your body increases when these levels increase the amount of the estrogen component. This happens when you ingest or use items that have these dangerous substances. Among the health issues that they bring is the increase in occurrence of fibroids in women and increased chances of breast cancer.

With time, you will realize that there are so many negative effects caused by the ingestion of these chemicals either by eating or through our skins. This should lead you to coming up with strategies that will help you take note of what you are taking. You can start by being conscious of what you purchase and the products you use in your house by reading the ingredient labels.

If you have a tendency of buying fruits and vegetables that have already been packed in plastic paper bags or canned foods, this is a habit that you need to stop. Most of these items have preservatives added to them as well as food colors to try and improve on their look and give them a longer shelf life. Start by being more open to buying fresh vegetables from the market which will be better than the packed ones.

When it comes to taking care of the way your skin looks, you may be tempted to purchase so many skin care products to attempt to improve on it. Most of these soaps and lotions have additives of these foreign chemicals and have more chances of getting into your system just by applying. Therefore, make a point of avoiding manufactured products that have these additives.

While grooming your compound or making plants grow, you may want to use pesticides and insecticides to keep of harmful insects. Some also use weed killers to remove or stop the growth of unwanted plants. If you are not keen to note the continuous use of these chemicals that contain the foreign estrogen, will find your way into your body system through the other means if you spray them on the plants that you will later eat.

Adding more knowledge to what you already know and keeping yourself aware of what to avoid is part of the tactics to keeping yourself healthy. This can be done through keeping yourself posted about any company that has such additives on their items and finding alternatives for their commodities.

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