Thursday, December 28, 2017

Notes Regarding Autoimmune Diesease Fix

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By Donald Edwards

Normally the body immune system function is to protect the physique against illnesses and other infections. Nevertheless, your own immune structure can attack the fit cells in your body, mostly mistakenly. Autoimmune syndrome affects any part of your body thus has no particular part that it affects. Some autoimmune illnesses aims at one body part whereas another may target several organs. In this editorial we comprehensively explore about the autoimmune diesease fix.

This particular condition may affect very many body organs and parts. The cause of the condition has up to date, not been satisfactorily confirmed, whereby research is hitherto being carried out. The condition, according to some scientists, is genetically mutilated, whereby it runs through families. The female gender, most especially those in African American or Hispanic races, are said to have higher susceptibilities to the condition.

When the antibodies attack the joints resulting into tenderness, discomfort and rigidity in the linkages this type of illness is known as rheumatoid arthritis. In this account the joints become stiff and hence cannot move and are not flexible . This affects people in their thirties compared to oseothritis that affects individuals at their older age.

Psoriasis is very common condition and happens when the membrane cells increase quickly than expected therefore, the excess skin cells shape up and form blotches that are flaky and red on the skin resulting into this disorder. This is also a type of autoimmune ailment as it comes as a result of excess skin cells.

Eating foods containing high sugar and high fats is also a leading cause, processed foods that have dominated the food industry are also to be held responsible. These foods cause irritation and can henceforth cause an insusceptible response leading to the production of antibodies in the body. These foods are suspected to be triggering the immune system.

One way to fix the condition is by critically checking out for the presence of any hidden infections. These could range from bacteria, yeast, Lyme, viruses, and many others. This should however be done with the assistance of a well-trained doctor. Additionally, it is important to check out for the presence of hidden food allergens, and your doctor should advise best on how to ensure the body eliminates these food allergens, if present.

It is also advisable to ensure that you are tested especially for celiac illnesses, and this blood test could be done by any doctor. Also, ensure you are checked especially for toxicity of heavy metals such as mercury, which greatly cause autoimmunity condition. Regular exercising could also go a long way in alleviating this condition, since it is a natural way of anti-inflammatory. Activities like deep breathing, yoga, massages, biofeedback and others are also important, as they relieve stress which significantly worsens immunity responses.

Conclusively, sometimes the production of antibodies to combat germs and infections may be more than the required amount thus, even after fighting the diseases the antibodies left attack the organ so, in an instance whereby one has been infected and the cells fighting the germs have been produced but they exceed the required amount then the occurrence of the autoimmune disease is inevitable.

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