Monday, December 25, 2017

Information On Auto Immune Diseases

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By Virginia Schmidt

The body of human beings runs on some of the most comprehensive systems. Specialization is necessary to allow a medical expert concentrate on certain parts of the human body. When specializing in specific areas a medical expert gains deeper understanding of illnesses and conditions associated with that part. Auto immune diseases are caused by the body mistaking certain parts for foreign cells thereby launching attacks against them.

A properly functioning body is usually able to tell the difference between foreign cells or organisms and body cells. Knowing the difference, they only attack the foreign matter. When one is suffering from autoimmune disease, their body mistakes joints, skin and other parts of the body for foreign organisms/substances and attacks them. This is achieved through the release of antibodies to attack the healthy cells.

The entire body or certain parts will be attacked depending on the kind of disease. Lupus attacks the whole body but Type 1 Diabetes precisely attacks the pancreas. Root cause of autoimmune remains unknown although there is a link between certain families and diseases. Certain chemicals and diets are thought to be causative factors. Some infections are also thought to cause or contribute to them.

The susceptibility level of women is also higher compared to men according to research. Women in childbearing age are more affected. Most cases are diagnosed at this stage in life. Some races are also more affected compared to others. Many people still live without developing the conditions even if they run in the family. However, their chances of developing the disease are much higher than normal people.

A diet with high fat and sugar is also thought to be a contributing factor. Eating highly processed foods could also be a causative factor since it is closely linked to inflammation. Scientists have devised several theories to try and explain the root cause of the illnesses. One of the theories is known as hygiene hypothesis.

What the hygiene theory proses is fascinating. It suggests that steps made in the field of medicine which saw introduction of many antiseptic and vaccines could be blamed for these diseases. The theory speculates that preventative techniques currently adopted exposes children to little germs. The little exposure becomes the source of the problem. This is because it raises the sensitivity level of immune system making it attack the body instead of foreign substances.

Statistics indicate that there are over 80 varying types of illnesses in which the body attacks itself. These include multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriatic arthritis, and celiac disease. Others include vasculitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Note that similar symptoms may be manifested for a wide range of diseases.

One should pay attention to muscle aches, swelling, and fatigue among other recurrent symptoms. They may be a cause. One should get help early to avoid excessive suffering. Better management methods have been developed over time. Prevention is the best approach, and it should be comprised of eating a balanced and healthy diet and regular exercising. However, it is also important to know that there is no cure for these diseases.

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