Sunday, December 31, 2017

Government Conspiracy Books And Public Knowledge

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By Elizabeth Jones

While conspiracies have been around since the beginning of time, some are more interesting than others. As such, there are now a number of writers whom have authored government conspiracy books. Individuals whom are interested in finding out more about these publications can often find a long list on Goodreads and other review websites.

In addition, it should be noted that Amazon and other bookseller websites often allow readers the opportunity to view at least some, if not all sections of a book before purchase. In fact, Amazon Kindle Direct now pays authors based on pages read online before a purchase is made. As such, to determine whether or not a book is worthy of a place in a personal library, this can often be a good way to do so.

When interested in specialized or covert theories, one of the best places to find books in this genre is Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon. If needing to shop online, Powell's also has one of the best websites in the business. Whereas, when looking books on newer theories, whether related to the government or otherwise, Amazon, Barnes And Noble and other booksellers are often a better option.

When performing online searches for conspiracy theory books, be wary of conspiracy thrillers. For, most of those in this category are works of fiction. As such, there is very little information these books will provide in the way proving theories true or false. While this is the case, there are many which can still be useful to those doing research.

Some theories are more interesting and probable than others. For example, the Jesse Ventura show Conspiracy Theories focused on proving and disproving a number of these theories. In most cases, the well known theorists were able to prove many to be accurate and true to form. Whereas, there are others such as those related to the Kennedy Assassination which have yet to be proved.

The best way to prove a theory to be true is by doing extensive research. In some cases, this research can take years to complete. Whereas, there are other cases in which it can take very little time. Whatever the time frame, it is important that when revealing the truth behind a theory, that one does so in an expedited manner.

If the research provides information that could be useful in proving the theory true to others, it can often be good to publish that information on a related blog or website. Whereas, if an author, then writing a book can often be a good idea. While this is the case, the proof must be real and solid, otherwise it will just continue to be another conspiracy theory lost in the myriad of conspiracy theories.

Ultimately, each individual must decide for oneself whether or not to believe these stories. In many cases, a number of the stories have been proven true over time. Whereas, others such as that of the existence of Sasquatch has only recently made it into mainstream media. For, Discovering Bigfoot, a documentary by Todd Standing hopes to be the proof that will result in bringing about acknowledgement and protection of the species.

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