Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Clubs

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By Thomas Rogers

We are often told that reading is very important for us. It improves our vocabulary, keeps our brains active and gets us away from the constant digital distractions of modern life. However, many of us would rather be in bars in London or hosting parties, instead of staying in bed reading a novel.

So how can we read and stay entertained? You could take a glossy, gossipy fashion magazine around to the fancy, high class and posh top restaurants, bars and night clubs, but it wouldn't really look very sophisticated. However, you could always go to a book club! Here you are encouraged to read and can discuss the book at a brand new social hangout.

Not so long ago, if you were a member of a book club, you would meet up with fellow members in the front room of an elderly couple's house and talk about books between sips of tea and mouthfuls of crumpet. But now, instead of home baking, refreshments for book club meetings in great social hotspots and even in exclusive members clubs now include wine and canaps. Those days of tea, books and scones look like they're over.

So does that mean books have become an expensive hobby? Not at all: books are a cost-effective way of improving your memory, building your self-esteem and keeping yourself entertained. You also get to save on soft drinks and popcorn, because in most cases books are so much better than the movies made from them.

So next time it's a toss-up between a nestling in to a good book and a good, vibrant and tiring social life, always remember that you can combine the two by joining a book society and becoming part of your own VIP members club.

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