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The Story That Is The Alaskan History

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By Casandra Newton

The name Alaska was derived from a scientific word meaning a basic land. In years 14, 000BC the Alaskan history was coming to existence. This was the periodic time that Asiatic group was crossing to the Western Alaska where the Alaskans lived. The Alaskans were divided in to groups; they were not as one tribe.

Mining of gold in this area created unity among the people living around back in 1890s. Alaska experienced a difference in the year 1912. The country had two islands that the Japanese came to rule over. The people of Alaska benefited a lot when gold was discovered.

The islands could have led to conflict as also the United States wanted to own it, as this led to national pride. A rise in population was experienced in this area because there were military bases in the area and also trading activities. The sudden familiarization gave Alaska statehood in the year 1959 January on third.

In the year 1964, Alaska made history when a disaster occurred. The earthquake disaster killed a total of a hundred and thirty one people leaving many injured. The outcome of the tragedy left so many villages empty and damaged.

In 1968, crude oil was discovered in Alaska and a pipeline made for that purpose in 1977. The pipeline supplied oil to many parts of the country. After its use, it later burst because it hit a reef hence made the crude oil to spill in the year 1989. The oil spillage led to loss of millions of gallons in Alaska.

The first Alaskans that originated from the coast of Asia and passed through the Western Alaska are today living in Canada. The farming activities like subsistence activities and cultural practices were totally different. But they did what they could together to show how they care and love each other.

The rapid growth of Alaska also determined the rate at which people flocked in there. The situation further forced insecurity in the area. The residents in Alaska differ with one another over the upcoming resources like gold mining. There were hostile groups attacking people in the area. For the sake of safety, people had to escape from that area to other places. This caused commotion as families remained displaced not knowing where their family members had fled to. At this particular time, Alaskans also experienced the torture and up to eighty percent of the individuals were left homeless. The outbreak of a disease further led to immunity loss for two generations to come. The Russians owned almost every part of Alaska that was fruitful after the deaths that took place in Alaska.

Killings took place in Alaska during the period that Russians had invaded every area that produced good things. They did so for their own benefit. They utilized everything and after they were over, they shifted to the North region of Alaska. The movement was a very slow process as they lacked transportation like ships and the sailors. Alaska became famous through its mining activity, fishing and canning. This has attracted many people from all over the world to come and visit Alaska, to view its beautiful sites. To mention Alaskan history, one had also had to mention the known Smith who performed serious crimes with gold mining. He threatened the life of people until he was shot dead by the villagers. Alaska expanded because of its popularity in gold mining. It made all other towns within to have good infrastructure leading to Alaska.

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