Thursday, December 13, 2012

Changing the Way You Communicate

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By Saleem Rana

Monday, October 26, 2012

Interview by Allen Cardoza

Ben Benjamin, Ph.D., and Amy Yeager Jeffrey spoke to Allen Cardoza from Answers for the Family on L.A. Talk Radio about their newly released book, "Conversation Transformation." The discussion focused on understanding why any conversation succeeds or fails. Mastering communication skills can help a person transform the challenging conversations in their family life, their social world and their work. The communication techniques taught in the book are grounded in the latest neuro-psychology research and the communication principles of SAVI (the System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction).

Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D., is a consultant, coach, writer, and entrepreneur who has taught communication skills for more than thirty years. He is a certified Senior SAVI Trainer and much of his recent communication workshops and writings focus on teaching the principles of SAVI.

Amy Yeager is a writer, as well as an editor. She is likewise a certified Senior SAVI Trainer who has led workshops for organizations. In addition, she supplies personal coaching programs and teaches communication skills on her Internet seminars.

Can This Conversation Be Saved?

Communication breakdowns are bad news for our lives and work. They can be a source of irritation and frustration, and in some cases they can threaten our jobs, families, and friendships. Cardoza asked questions about the common factors in all communication breakdowns - from family crisis to electoral debates. He wanted to know how we can go about improving our conversations.

The guests said that the first point we have to understand is to specifically identify what's going wrong. We cannot solve a problem if we have no idea just what's creating it. Sadly, when it concerns communication troubles, the reason is typically challenging to find. When a conversation falls short, it's easy to criticize characters, agendas, or moods or to denounce sensitive problems as a difference of opinions-- yet all communication failures could be due to a specific combinations of words and vocal tones individuals are using in a conversation. "Transform Your Conversation" teaches the best ways to acknowledge the 6 patterns that most often trigger breakdowns in any interaction-- "yes-buts," "mind-reads," "unfavorable prophecies," "leading ideas," "problems," and "personal attacks."

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