Saturday, December 22, 2012

Too Much Month At The End Of The Money?

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By Scott Shimberg

Do you know people who find themselves looking for jobs, or maybe their present jobs can't handle their everyday expenses? Are they your friends, your family, your neighbors?

Wouldn't you want to help them to develop their existing financial reality? By taking action, every person can take control of their life and look after their families easily.

Last year, my husband Scott, was introduced to the Numis opportunity. He knew it was a no brainer! A business opportunity, without the need of capital outlay, with an incredible compensation program, Accumulating assets of gold and silver, along with a 5-year buy-back assurance. What other business opportunity offers something like this? Just how can someone NOT take this opportunity?

I had been a little slower to catch on to the chance and how it can impact us. I had a traditional job that I enjoyed that needed prospecting and I had been hesitant to have to do it after work too. Scott was calmly persistent, realizing I would come around. I soon discovered the difference between a J-O-B and what we certainly have now......

Gathering assets and creating a recurring income stream was very logical, but what caught me most was the positive change this industry is having on my husband. He is exercising every day, something I have attempted to get him to do for years! He is reading and listening to great personal growth learning things like Tony Robbins incantations and Books by Darren Hardy. As the economy continued to be in downfall, he remained positive. If interactions with friends get negative about all of the "negative noise" out there, he talks about collecting assets with a sincere smile, glimmer in his eye and positive energy.

Everybody needs hope - Hope that their home loan can get paid and meals can be put on the table for dinner. Hope that a family vacation this year could be possible. Hope that money can be saved for our children to go to college. Hope that a pension savings may be put away and we don't have to work until we are 80 (unless we want to).

Let's turn that Hope into reality. Collect assets and build an income stream with like-minded people who want to help you succeed. People who want to provide you the training so that you can be successful. People who are as interested in Personal Development, as they improve themselves on a daily basis as they are on the road to financial and time freedom.

Until the Next Time

Heidi & Scott

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