Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make The Most Of KDP Select

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By John Boyd

How Can Amazon's KDP Select Program Help Authors Succeed?

Many authors are still pretty ambivalent about the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select program. The program does allow independently published authors a chance to leverage some of the marketing power of the book selling giant. Yet, the program also forces authors to only sell their books on Amazon for as long as they stay in the program. I am not trying to convince anybody to use KDP Select, but I believe I can offer some suggestions that will help you use the program effectively and also to understand the benefits.

Here are the major benefits. You are free to offer your book for free for 5 days during each ninety day period. This can give your book, and your author name, a lot of extra exposure. Amazon will also put your book in the lending library. Authors do not get paid on free downloads, but they do get paid on the free borrows!

Why Give Your Book Away For Free?

We would all like to get paid for all of our hard work. On the other hand, setting a book's price to free for a period of time is a great way to get a lot of extra attention! This works the best if you also have other books. A reader may download your free book, like your work, and buy your other books!

Amazon Prime members get to borrow one book for free each month. As the number of Kindles has grown, a lot more people are taking advantage of the lending library too. I have found that the percentage of paid borrows is growing each month. This can be a nice source of revenue. Depending upon your book price, you may make more for a paid borrow than you do for a sale.

Free downloads do not count as sales, but they can push you up in the popularity lists. They can also give your book a lot more suggestion in some other book lists.

Many book reviewers take advantage of free promo days too. This gives authors a good opportunity to let reviewers know that there book is scheduled for a free promotion. This means you have a better chance to have your book mentioned on other websites and blogs.

There are also a lot of websites that list free books. Some of these websites get a lot of traffic, and this is a good way to spread the word about all of your books. Thousands of book lovers will learn your name.

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