Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book review on "The Go Giver"

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By Scott Shimberg

This book by Bob Burg & John David Mann is only 127 pages, but the 5 laws of business it teaches us will guide you to success that will last your entire lifetime. Whether a plane ride, or a long lunch at your desk, commit the time to enjoy this uplifting story and learn The 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success.Or follow an alternative way to enjoy the book over 5 days.

The story introduces a young man, Joe, he is a go-getter. But he has hit a low point in his sales-driven career. Then he is introduced to Pindar. Pindar offers to teach Joe his trade secrets, his 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success over a period of 1 week. These secrets are presented to him in a very mysterious way, by introducing him to 5 different people. The approach keeps the reader very engaged.

The story, of course, has a truly happy ending, but with a twist which will definitely take you by surprise.

There are a lot of specific "nuggets" and quotes all the way through the book, along with the 5 laws. But yet, there is a particular quote on page 108 that is very insightful:

"All the giving in the world wont bring you success, wont create the results you would like, except if you also make yourself prepared and capable of obtain in like measure. Because when you don't allow yourself receive, you're refusing the gifts of other people - therefore you shut down the flow."

As mentioned above, the book can be read in one sitting, but if you want to receive the "course" the same way Joe did, read as follows:

Day 1: Chapter 1-4

Day 2: Chapter 5-7

Day 3: Chapter 8-9

Day 4: Chapter 10-11

Day 5: Chapter 12-14

One law experienced per day.

Joe learns, and so will you: Be good and do good for others and good business will follow and eventually, riches.

Until the Next Time

Scott & Heidi

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